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Meeting with Community Board 10: Save the Garden!

Thanks to CB10 for allowing us on to the agenda of the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting of 1/14/2015 at the last minute.  We presented our garden’s situation and had a very production discussion.  Let us know if you would like to volunteer for the effort to save the garden by emailing us  Stay tuned!CB10 1.15.2015

URGENT- Garden is on list for possible development site!!!



RFQ list


Update: We just received the list of sites for possible development, and the garden is on it! It’s time to make ourselves heard! We will be reaching out to you shortly!  There is still time to save the garden!  HPD includes a way out:  The list also states that “*HPD reserves the right to add or withdraw sites from this RFQ.”

Thank you!

John McBride, Yusuf Malik, Lawrence Terry, Linda Brown, Kenji Williams of the Electric Ladybug Garden

HPD delays announcement for new development sites

Victory Garden

Good news (we hope!)

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) has delayed their announcement of new development sites, most likely due to the Electric Ladybug Garden as well as other community gardens immediately raising the issue.  Information on the HPD program can be seen at the link here.

We began communicating our concerns with our elected officials and other contacts within NYC government beginning last year, after we became a licensed GreenThumb garden, as we anticipated that development pressure could easily become an issue.  We are again actively engaging our representatives to preserve the garden.

We will keep update you as soon as we have more information.  Thank you for your support!

URGENT! Could the Electric Ladybug Garden be lost to a developer?!?!?!


HPD Logo

We just received an update this afternoon that NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) will issue a list of sites that are slated for development on Monday January 12, 2015.  HPD confirmed that some of the sites that have been selected do currently have interim use activity happening on them (“interim use activity” often/usually means community gardens).  Currently only 6% of HPD’s approximately 1,000 vacant lots have gardens.  We strongly feel, therefore, that with over 900 vacant lots representing 94% of HPD’s inventory of available land, there is no reason to have the destruction of even one community garden on the table.

What we are doing: We have previously raised the issue of the vulnerability of the lot with elected officials.  We have made the office of Council Member Inez Dickens (our local representative) aware of this issue late last year, and contacted her office again today, 1/9/2015.   We have also discussed this issue with Council Member Mark Levine (Chair of the City Council’s Committee on Parks and Recreation) as well.

What you can do: To start, it’s important to immediately contact the office of Council Member Inez Dickens.  Please send an email to us immediately at and we will send you the proper contact information (email and phone number) along with simple draft text to include.  Speak up and let them know that we are watching, and we want the City to preserve our garden for the community!  And don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page here to get updates on what happens next!


John McBride discusses the Electric Ladybug Garden with NYC Counclmember Mark Levine.
John McBride discusses the Electric Ladybug Garden with NYC Council Member Mark Levine, Chair of the Committee on Parks and Recreation on December 10, 2014. Photo by Zenaida Murray.

Tree Drop-off at the garden extended!

We are extending our Xmas tree drop off at the Electric Ladybug Garden, so just drop off your tree anytime you like at the garden gate. If you live too far away from the garden at 237 West 111th St, please don’t forget that the City is mulching Xmas trees as well. Thanks!

For information on the City’s Mulchfest, just click here:  Mulchfest-graphics

Recycle your Xmas tree into mulch!

Recycle Xmas tree vers 1 on 1.02.2015 print


The Electric Ladybug Garden is looking for that Christmas tree that you are throwing out.  Just drop it off in front of the garden gate.  We will use the trees to create mulch that will help to cover the garden.  New mulch immediately stabilizes the clean soil cap that GreenThumb has put down over the rubble left from the demolition of the building that occurred decades ago.  And as the mulch breaks down, it turns into additional clean soil.

Please ensure that your Xmas tree has all decorations, lights, tinsel stands, etc. removed. Please do not put your tree in a plastic bag.


Yusuf Malik, John McBride, Linda Brown, Kenji Williams and Lawrence Terry.


Happy 2015 to everyone from the Electric Ladybug Garden!


Year of the Goat 2015


2015 is the Year of the Ram in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.  To be more precise: The Goat ( ) is the eighth sign of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Goatis associated with the Earthly Branch symbol . This year may also be referred to as the Year of the Sheep or the Year of the Ram.  And: The Year of the Wood Sheep (Wei) starts on February 19, 2015, and ends on February 7, 2016, in the Gregorian calendar. It comes after the Year of the Horse and before the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar.

Tree Trimming Party Saturday at 4pm!


Tree Decorating version 3 Address Hi Res 12.17.2014

Yusuf Malik, John McBride, Linda Brown, Kenji Williams and Lawrence Terry invite you and your family to please join your neighbors at our First Annual Tree Trimming Party.

Everyone is welcome to bring a decoration to put on the tree!  Enjoy hot apple cider and good friends!  Bring the kids and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20 at 4:00pm – 237 West 111th Street—Harlem